• The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence listened to the education and industry partners about the concerns of future of our workforce. Together we designed and incubated youth career exploration summer camps. The first camp started in 2015 and today we have grown to over a dozen camps in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The camps are very successful and our model has gained national recognition as a program to be modeled from.
  • For more information about the Nitro-X camps, please visit the Nitro-X webpage or follow us on Facebook!
    • Email us to inquire about starting one at your location.

career exploration trailer

  • Introducing young audiences to careers in transportation is important. When it comes to career exploration – giving youth the appropriate information, allowing their minds to open accept the great possibilities of a career, and helping them make unbiased decisions is very challenging in today’s society and educational environment. For transportation careers, this is even more challenging to communicate because the career and technology are changing so fast. Today’s and tomorrow’s careers are nothing at all like the stereotypes of yesterday’s transportation careers.
    • After meeting with a forward-thinking group of educators and employers, designing hands-on experiences and goal-based activities showcasing the high technology in the industry was the solution. The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence partnered with education and industry partners to create the Transportation Careers Exploration Trailer.
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Career Fairs

  • The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence assists colleges, high schools, chambers of commerce, children museums, and others in their career fair, career exploration, career information, and more.
    • To inquire about the center partnering with you for your career fair, please email us for more information


  • The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence collaboratively writes transportation curriculum, finds and collects open-educational resource curriculum, and partners with educators and industry to write curriculum – all with the intention of providing resources to educators to continue to bring excellence to their programs.
    • For specific information about curriculum please email us.

Program Accreditation

  • Excellent transportation educational programs have many things in common. One of those indicators of an excellent program is program accreditation. Often, this is a challenge for schools. The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence’s vast network of educators and industry supporters has been brought together in a central location. We have center staff that are assigned to partner with schools to provide assistance and tools to achieve and maintain program accreditation. We also partner with our statewide association partners to engage local employers to assist in the process.
    • For specific information about partnering with us on program accreditation, please email us.

Professional development

  • Another indicator of program excellence is ensuring teachers are up-to-date. Maintaining professionalism, knowledge of new technology, and networking is what keeps teachers on the leading edge. The best students will come out of programs with the best teachers.
  • The Minnesota State Transportation Center supports professional development through a strategic partnership with the Midwest Teachers of Transportation and Industrial Areas. The MTTIA group has an annual conference every August in Brainerd, MN in which industry professionals and teachers gather to train on the latest technologies in the areas of automotive, collision repair, diesel, truck, small engines, and powersports.
  • The Minnesota Transportation Center of Excellence also has a strategic partnership with the Minnesota Department of Transportation – Aerocautics and Aviation Division and the aviation community. The Aviation Maintenance Technicians conference is held each March in Brooklyn Center, MN. AMT teachers and perspective aviation students gather at this conference to learn new technologies, gain their required training hours to maintain licensure, to network and build partners, and for high school students to explore career opportunities.

marketing and promotional materials

Specialty services and programs

  • The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence provides multiple specialty programs and services that are uniquely developed with our partners to move programs forward and close the skill and opportunity gaps in the transportation workforce.
  • Luther Loves Techs
    • The Luther Automotive Group is a great partner of the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence. The Luther Loves Techs program is designed to sponsor a student through an amazing scholarship program and part-time work-based learning employment during the school phase.  For more information visit Luther’s website.


  • The State of Minnesota has a strategic partnership and statewide membership with NC3. Several colleges have received training and are operating the programs that membership achieves. For more information visit NC3’s website.

Cap local

  • Fiat Chrysler Automotive corporation has a program where Chrysler Jeep Ram dealerships partner with technical colleges to develop certified and skilled technicians. For more information visit their website.
    CAP Local programs in Minnesota are located at:

    • Dakota County Technical College

subaru university

  • Subaru of America has a program where Subaru dealerships partner with technical colleges to develop certified and skilled technicians. For more information visit Subaru’s website
  • Subaru University programs in Minnesota are located at:
    • Dakota County Technical College
    • Lake Superior College
    • Anoka Technical College
    • Anoka STEP High School


  • Collision repair (auto body) programs in Minnesota have a statewide legal agreement with I-CAR to use I-CAR curriculum, program standards, and technician certification programs. Students that go through these programs are prepared for professional level employment in the collision repair industry. For more information visit I-CAR’s website.
  • I-CAR programs in Minnesota are located at:
    • St. Cloud Technical and Community College
    • Dakota County Technical College
    • Hennepin Technical College
    • Lake Superior College
    • Northland Community and Technical College
    • Minnesota State College – Southeast Technical
    • South Central College
    • Ridgewater College