Grant Writing

  • As part of the strategic plan, the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence seeks and writes grants to fulfill the mission of the center. This includes funding for projects, initiatives, scholarships, equipment, and personnel. The TCOE seeks and writes grants as a collaborative center and partners with education institutions to do the same.

Advisory committees

  • Seeking advice, gathering input, and working with industry partners is one of the most crucial components of building and sustaining an excellent educational program. The TCOE supports college and high school programs by attending and participating on several transportation program advisory committees.
  • The TCOE also supports programs by partnering with them as a consultant to design or redesign their advisory committee using best practices. For more information on how the TCOE can partner with your transportation education program advisory committee, please contact us.
  • You can also reference the Minnesota Career Program Advisory Committee Handbook, which the TCOE partnered with during the creation stage. Follow this link for more information.

Collaborative Purchasing

  • The TCOE often partners with multiple colleges and high schools to collaboratively purchase pieces of equipment, software, and other curriculum support items. We also work with industry to help redonate pieces of equipment.

Collaborative Legal Work

  • Legal paperwork that affects multiple parties within the Minnesota State system is often challenged by time and communication. The TCOE has a track record of centralizing legal documents and working with the appropriate departments in the state to expedite the process and create efficiencies.