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Who We Are

Leaders in transportation workforce innovation

Our Mission & Values

The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence drives workforce innovation through education and industry collaboration – and provides thought leadership on workforce development in the transportation industry.


We believe that educational opportunities in transportation should be available to all students.


We appreciate and respect our differences.


We believe in policies and practices that offer all people a genuine opportunity to thrive.


We believe an intentional and partnered approach to outreach yields meaningful results.


We believe industry and education partnerships result in a dependable, qualified, and skilled workforce.


We believe that completing guided learning pathways result in exceptional career and college readiness.

Program Excellence

We believe that program excellence is the driving force that yields student success and builds partnerships.


We believe eprofessionalism is an integral part of everything we do.


We believe in educational environments where everyone feels valued and respected.

Center History

Founded in 2013, the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence is focused on developing a highly-skilled workforce to meet the current and future needs for high-demand, high-paying, high-growth, high-tech careers in Minnesota’s transportation industries. In an effort to meet those current and future workforce needs, the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence promotes and aligns transportation industry career and employment opportunities by:

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  • Promoting collaborative communication
  • Helping build high-quality training programs
  • Sharing and promoting best practices
  • Collecting, centralizing, and sharing data
  • Sparking new endeavors and innovative approaches
  • Providing professional development opportunities
  • Connecting employers, educators, and the future workplace
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Meet Our Team

Our teams unique backgrounds give us invaluable perspectives when it comes to fulfilling the mission and vision of the Center.

Chris Hadfield

Executive Director

Carl Borleis

Director of Program Excellence

Llewellyn Olivier

Director of Outreach

Cassidy Yates

Project Coordinator

Michaela Holman-Schmidt

Administrative Assistant

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Engaging Industry. Enhancing Education. Inspiring Students.

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Discover how we fulfill our vision!

What We Do

Other Centers of Excellence

Minnesota State hosts eight Centers of Excellence - each serving a major industry that faces serious workforce challenges. The centers collaborate with industry and educators to attract and prepare students for success in high-demand careers.

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