The Can I Borrow That? program allows educators across the state of Minnesota to borrow  equipment, tools, and simulators  that they normally wouldn’t have access to. 

How the Process Works

Educators, please submit a request for your desired item at the bottom of the page and our staff will review and assess the requests on a first come first serve basis. Each request will go through a decision matrix with criteria on equipment availability, grade level, potential impact, and proposed usage. We will then contact you with more information!

Can I borrow Your…


A full-sized semi-tractor with available track loader, both with semi-autonomous technology and capacity. This equipment is available as a set or individually and is limited in use to Diesel Technician, Heavy Equipment Operator, and/or Truck Driver training locations within Minnesota State.  Its purpose is to be used in the lab to enhance knowledge and understanding of autonomous technology, or as a way to outreach to HS students. Prepared curriculum for use in the classroom, and a collection of outreach videos are also available for use with this equipment.

Recommended Grade Level: Outreach – Grades 9-12; Classroom/Lab – College Level   
Recommended Length of Loan:  Outreach – 1-2 days; Classroom/Lab – 1-2 weeks  
Notes: Requires CDL/CLP for use of truck on public road; must sign Intra-Agency Agreement for a $1 lease


Perform scanner demonstrations without actually connecting to a vehicle. With this simulator you can interactively demonstrate and navigate through connection and setup procedures, the capabilities of the scanner function, how to view diagnostic trouble codes and parameters (PIDs), simulated PID waveform glitches using 3 manually adjustable PIDs, how to perform basic functional tests, how to view data, codes, and readiness monitors in global OBD mode, and how to view SureTrack repair information  

Recommended Grade Level: Grades 9-12 
Recommended Length of Loan:  2-4 weeks 
Notes: Needs to be stored in a secure location while not in use 
Online resources:  Operators Manual

Truck Driving SIMULATOR

In the style of a video game, this simulator puts students in the real-world driving situations of modern day truckers!  Utilizing a video game-style platform, this simulator allows students to experience real-world trucking challenges like oversize loads, wide turns, speed limits, heavy traffic, sleep deprivation, and the costly repairs due to accidents.

Recommended Grade Level: Grades 9-12  
Recommended Length of Loan: 1 week   
Notes: Requires basic computer gaming skills and some training to learn commands of the game.  Requires approximately 8’x4’ of floor space.  Requires digital screen with sound and HDMI input. 
Online resources:  
Game Overview and Guide


A standard tool in any shop, it’s versatility is essential in the world of electrical diagnostics. 

Recommended Grade Level: Grades 7-12  
Recommended Length of Loan: Up to 1 month   
Notes: Users are required to wear safety glasses. Requires adult supervision. Users must use extra caution when working on, or around, electrical components.
Online resources: How to use a multi meter for beginners

Pit Stop Challenge  with Torque Wrenches

If you and your students enjoy the cackle of high impact torque, this activity’s for you! Students literally gain the feeling of using standard tools of the trade – an impact driver and torque wrench. This activity can also serve as a lead into other valuable classroom learning objectives, such as how to change a tire, the meaning and value of torque specifications, and the importance of PPE and overall shop safety.

Recommended Grade Level: Grades 7-12  
Recommended Length of Loan: 1 week   
Notes: requires the use of PPE (safety glasses, gloves, hearing protection). This activity must be supervised by an adult.  Impact driver batteries may need to be charged between sessions – chargers provided. Facilitators may need be able to lift 30 lbs.  Best used on a bench top, but could also work on a desk, tabletop, or even on the floor. 
Online resources: How To Use a Torque Wrench

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