Our Career Exploration Trailer comes to you, for free with interactive and hands-on activities that let students explore the high-tech side of transportation careers in Automotive, Collision & Repair, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Truck and Diesel, Marine & Powersports, Professional Truck Driving, and Aviation. The trailer is available to travel to high schools like a mobile lab or is available for career events where it will be parked for the duration of the event. You can request the trailer at the bottom of the page.

Engine Part id

Put your knowledge to the test and see how many parts you can name on this Subaru WRX engine. If you’ve never seen an engine before, no worries! Our iPad activity will guide you through some of the parts of this engine and explain their function!


Use our Redbird flight simulator to put your flying skills to the test! Take off and land various types of planes from airports all around the country. *Currently out of order

Fluid ID

What are all those fluids in your car for? This guided activity will keep you guessing. Discover how all of these fluids keep your car running!


Do you have an eye for color? This activity will have you match a painted fender to the correct paint sample using a special light. Next to the fender you can learn the different steps in which an auto body technician uses to complete the paint process!

Heavy Equipment Simulator

Experience what it’s like to be in control of heavy machinery and build your skills excavating and loading dirt.


Those seemingly random numbers on your tire do actually mean something! Follow along with our iPad activity to learn exactly what they mean.

Pit Stop Challenge

This test of speed and accuracy will have you challenging all of your friends (and maybe even your teacher) on who can change a tire in the least amount of time with the most accuracy!


Why does your car need time to warm up in the winter? This activity will teach you about the viscosity of oil in cars in operating and freezing temperatures.


Do you think you can master this challenge? In this activity you will find yourself identifying different brands of cars, trucks, motorcycles and more!