Unique careers in transportation

There are specialty areas in the Transportation industry that only a select few colleges offer. These areas of study are so unique that they needed their own category.

Automotive Engineering Technology

Work in the design, development, testing, application, modification and maintenance of vehicles and their components for use in transportation systems. Career positions include operations, product research, design and development, technical service, manufacturing and technical sales.

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Nondestructive Testing Technology

Using a variety of inspection methods, NDT specialists detect internal and external imperfections or defects in everything from planes, trains and automobiles to bridges, roller coasters and pipelines.

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Transportation Management

Duties BA degree: Combine technical knowledge with management skills to work as a field services manager, field representative, service training instructor, fleet manager, fixed operations manager or director or traffic and transportation manager.

Duties AAS degree: Combining a commercial driver’s license with skills in dispatch, fleet management, business and accounting. Opportunities include logistics and transportation manager, supply chain manager, load planning and scheduling, fleet operations manager, driver safety and training and scheduling manager.

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Find the right college for you

Minnesota State has 25 colleges with transportation related program pathways. Below is the list of colleges that support these career pathways. Expand each one to see what each college offers!

Campus Location
228, Wiecking Center, Minnesota State University, Mankato, Mankato, MN 56001
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