Please review the TCOE Awards Criteria before filling out the nomination form.
For questions, please email

Support Documentation Guidelines


1) A minimum of three (3) letters of support from a variety of sources is required. As many letters of support as you wish may be submitted by email or mail (addresses below) by March 31st.

2) One of those three (3) letters can be from the nominator.

3) The following are examples of sources for nomination letters. Sources are not limited to only those on this list.

  • Past and Present Professional Colleagues
  • Past and Present Administrators
  • Past and Present Students
  • Past and Present Parents of Students

4) Letters of Support, as well as any other common knowledge of the nominee, will be used the Awards Committee to assess whether the nominee sufficiently meets the award criteria.

5) Please make sure that the contact information of the writers is included in the letters.

6) The Awards Committee reserves the right to withhold conference of any award in any given year.

7) All nominations shall be kept in an active file for up to three (3) years, and may be extended at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

**All nomination materials are due, either by email or post, on March 31** 


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