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August 20, 2021

American Congressional Exchange Visit

On Friday, August 13th, 2021 Dakota County Technical College hosted a visit by the American Congressional Exchange with Representative Angie Craig and Representative Peter Meijer. A featured stop on the visit was our Career Exploration Trailer where Craig and Meijer got to test out our Truck Driving Simulator. This was a great chance to showcase how and why we work with industry partners in all aspects of our work, but especially with our Career Exploration Trailer.

Our Executive Director, Chris Hadfield notes that “In Career and Technical Education, partnerships are how things get done in education. That’s what the TCOE does well and it’s how we work with campus and industry partners.”

In Career and Technical Education, partnerships are how things get done

Chris Hadfield

Carl Borleis, our Director of Program Excellence explained how great it was to see the bipartisan nature of the visit and to see how engaged both representatives were in the demonstrations and hands-on activities of the TCOE trailer.

Photo Credits: Dakota County Technical College

Our Career Exploration Trailer travels around the state of Minnesota to middle schools, high schools, and colleges to bring hands-on activities for students to explore careers in the transportation industry. The trailer can be requested at no cost and has 10+ activities that can be utilized during an event.