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August 30, 2018

Bob Engberg: The legend has retired

Bob Engberg, Associate Director of the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence, is retiring in September of 2018. Bob has been working hard to better education for 46 years. Graduating from Dunwoody Institute in 1968, Bob went on to work as an automotive technician at Superior 400 and Freeway Ford to gain industry experience and knowledge before pursuing his teaching teaching career. Bob attended the University of Minnesota Morris to further his education to better teach auto mechanics. After receiving his BA in teaching, Bob applied for and got a job teaching Auto Service in Morris, MN. It was here that he worked with the first of five future graduates that would go on to become teachers at the college or manufacturing level.

Over the course of his 46 years in education Bob has had the pleasure of working at the Chippewa River Vocational Center, Morris, MN Red Wing AVTI, St. Paul Harding High School and Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount, MN.

Bob was mentored by Whitey Westlund and has met and worked with some of the industry‚Äôs most talented instructors, administrators, and industry partners over the course of his career.  He has enjoyed meeting and working with hundreds of students and is remembered by them years later. Bob has helped many auto programs receive accreditation and has become an ETL (Evaluation Team Leader) for NATEF to support other auto programs in the accreditation process. On his summer breaks Bob has worked at a wide variety of independent repair shops, dealerships and manufacturers to stay busy. Over the last 3 years Bob has worked with the Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence to support careers in the transportation industry.

Needless to say, Bob is highly respected in education and has made such a difference in the lives of the students he has taught. Not to mention all of the programs he has helped improve and better. Bob, your work has been appreciated so greatly and on behalf of everyone, I would like to say thank you and congratulations on retirement. We will miss you and all of your Bob isms!