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February 23, 2022

High School Automotive Student Thrives with Diverse Skill Set

Nick Becker likes to live his life on the rush of adrenaline. From mountain biking to working on cars he is set on experiencing all that life has to offer! As a senior at Anoka High School this includes taking a diverse set of classes within Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) to explore his interests.

According to his instructor, Dean Joslin, Nick is an outstanding student in the Automotive program at Anoka High School where they cover the theory, operation and servicing of ABS brakes, suspension, driveline and other related systems. Nick says that part of what makes him successful in this program is the ability to have free rein with the equipment available and having great teachers, like Joslin, that are fun and knowledgeable. When asked what his favorite part of the program is he said “I like seeing things get fixed. You can start with something that was destroyed and you can build it back up and it’s really fun to see it all come together and work again.” Joslin says that Nick has been in several of his classes and has a big interest in mechanical things like automotive, powersports, machining and mechanical design. “Nick will be very successful in any career path he chooses.” says Joslin.

I like seeing things get fixed. You can start with something that was destroyed and you can build it back up and it’s really fun to see it all come together and work again.

Nick Becker

Being an independent person, Nick says one of the most important things he has learned is how to work in a team. “You need to know what everyone is doing and connect with each other and everything will end up going smoothly.” Despite not being raised by an automotive enthusiast Nick’s drive for adrenaline got him interested in working on cars. “That’s how I got into mountain biking and then I was like, cars are next.”

Nick is also a part of Anoka High School’s STEAM program where he has access to cutting-edge technology and can explore things like engineering and his new found interest in electrical. Todd Hunter, a STEAM instructor and one of Nick’s key influencers, says that “Nick’s commitment to engage in the hands-on, creative, and technological learning opportunities that we have here at Anoka High School has prepared him well for the future.  On any given day you can find Nick 3D modeling and printing parts, testing electrical components, and building real solutions to real challenges in our Makerspace, Design and Fabrication Lab, and Autos Shop.  We are incredibly fortunate to be able to provide the equipment, materials, and teachers to create opportunities for students like Nick to be successful.”

In his free time Nick enjoys mountain biking, fixing up his dirt bike, rock climbing, snowmobiling, and working on cars. “Anything with a motor I just really enjoy” he says. He also does cross country, Nordic skiing, track and field, and plays intramural sports.

Nick plans to attend North Dakota State University for Mechanical Engineering in the fall. Once he graduates, he hopes to apply his knowledge to his passions and work at companies like Polaris or GMC specializing in electric vehicles.

We all know the automotive industry is evolving. Not only do you need the hands-on know-how to take something apart and put it back together, but you need technical knowledge and high-tech aptitude. As a motivated team player, creative problem solver, adrenaline junkie with a need for speed and interest in electronics, we believe that Nick exhibits the future of where the Automotive Technology industry is heading!