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September 9, 2021

Over 500 Small Gas Engines Donated

The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence has had a partnership with the Toro Company since 2017 distributing former test engines to high schools in need. These donations have helped replace outdated classroom equipment and has even helped start brand new small engines classes in schools.

Since the start of the partnership, we have distributed over 500 small gas engines to over 50 different schools across the state of Minnesota. 180 of those engines were distributed in the past year and half alone!

Without this partnership in place these engines would simply be recycled but we are lucky enough to be a part of making sure these engines don’t go to waste so that they can make a lasting impact on students. The engines also play a big part in our Train-The-Trainer workshops where teachers are able to learn on them during the small gas engines session and then bring it back to their classroom along with curriculum.

We are truly grateful for Toro’s partnership and are looking forward to all of the future success that it will surely bring to our schools!