Interactive and hands-on activities that let students explore the high-tech side of transportation careers in Automotive, Collision & Repair, Heavy Equipment, Heavy Truck and Diesel, Marine & Powersports, Professional Truck Driving, and Aviation. The trailer is available to travel to high schools like a mobile lab or is available for career events where it will be parked for the duration of the event.

Aviation Flight Simulator

Use a Redbird flight simulator to take off and land various types of planes from airports from around the country. Have the ability to fly in different weather conditions as well as complete challenges.

Truck Driving Simulator

Using the American Truck Simulator software drive a semi on various challenges, but be sure to obey all traffic laws and don’t fall asleep!! It will fine you just like in real life.

Electude online learning

Simulation based learning environment where student assess a virtual car using “real-life” tools like a scan tool, multimeter, wiring diagrams and more to solve problems and repair the vehicle. Students are also able to watch animations to learn about complex concepts.

Subaru WRX Engine with endoscope

Students are able to look inside a Subaru engine using an endoscope that is projected onto a connected screen and use a socket wrench to move the pistons up and down in the cylinder all the while watching it on the screen. They are also able to use this information as well as their interaction with the facilitator to complete the matching activity about the 4-stroke cycle of an engine.

Parts ID

Assembled on a table are a variety of engine and other car, semi and powersports vehicle parts that students are challenged to identify as well as which ones work together and how.

Tool ID

Assembled on a table are a variety of tools that technicians use while repairing transportation vehicles. Students are challenged to identify as many as they can and which ones are used in combination together.

Electricity & Electrical Circuits

Using a prepared setup, students are challenged to learn about voltage drops, use a multimeter to measure electrical current and troubleshoot problems within a circuit.

Hybrid Trainer

The trainer provides an opportunity to demonstrate,, investigate, and fault-find a simulation of a hybrid vehicle electrical system. The trainer is designed to allow access to a simulation of the mechanical operation as well as provide a mimic of the electrical power flow.The panel also includes test points at a safe voltage level to allow for investigation of electrical circuits.

ID the fluids

There are a series of vehicle fluids that students are challenged to identify based on color and viscosity. There are a series of circles with labels that they are to place the bottles within indicated which fluid they believe the bottle to be.

ID the logos

On a sign there are a series of 10 vehicle logos that students are challenged to identify

Auto body tools and Paint process

A series of activities show students the different steps in which auto body technician use to complete the paint process – one has the layers indicated, another shows the effect of different primer colors on the final color, a third activity has students attempt to match a painted fender to the correct sample card. There are also tools used to remove dents that students can observe.

Using a scan tool

Students are able to use a scan tool that is hooked to a computer system from a Chrysler Town and Country and determine what “problems” are occurring within that system and try and address them via the scan tool like a technician would. The scan tool can also be hooked to a Subaru or Ford computer system depending on facilitator.

Pit Stop Challenge

Students can challenge each other or a chaperone to see how can change tires the fastest in this activity. The challenge includes removing the lug nuts from the designated tire, removing the tire from the stand and touching it to the ground, replacing it on the stand, hand-threading the lug nuts on the studs (bolts) and using the impact to appropriately tighten them. The key is to make sure the lug nuts are not too loose or too tight – we measure it with a digital torque wrench at the end. So... this is a test of speed and accuracy.

Oil Viscosity Demonstrator

Students can see what the viscosity of the oil in cars is like in operating and freezing temperatures.